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Vartika is Comprehensive Payroll Software. Through this software user can maintain Complete Employee Details, Salary Details. This software can be linked with Biometric/Card Swapping Machine for daily attendance. With help of this software user can create returns of government departments like EPF Dept, ESI Dept, Bonus act, Labour Dept etc.

The main features of Vartika Software are as under:

Multi Firm Enabled

  1. Maintain Payroll of Multiple firms in single software.
  2. The Data for each firm will be maintained individually.
  3. Reports for selected firms can be merged.

Employee Information

  1. Name, Father's Name, Date of Birth, Photos, Department Designation, Basic, Relationship, Nominee etc. can be maintained
  2. Department, Designation and Basic can be maintained Date wise
  3. Multiple user defined Allowances and Deductions can be entered and processes can be maintained
  4. PF and ESI can be applied employee wise.

Payroll Generation

  1. Monthly Payroll can be created through attendance or directly.
  2. Create payroll in multiple ways like automatically or manually. Automatically means Employee name will come one by one in different sorting orders, manually means selecting employee one by one.
  3. It can be created department wise also.
  4. Basic Rate can be change while creating Payroll
  5. Allowances and Deductions can be edited while creating Payroll.
  6. PF and ESI due paid will be automatically maintained.
  7. User can change Paid part of due paid.
  8. Enter Challan Dates of PF/ESI and Payment date.
  9. Lock Payroll transaction month wise with administrative rights


Reports- All the departments one time, monthly, Half Yearly, Yearly Reports available in prescribed formats.


Monthly PF returns

  1. Form 12
  2. Form 12 A
  3. PF Challan
  4. Form 5 (New Joining)
  5. Form 10 (Left Employees)
  6. Monthly Return Letter
  7. Group Insurance Letter
  8. Form 2 (New Join)
  9. Group Insurance Employee List
  10. Form 9 (revised)
  11. PF Deduction detailed Report (for inspection purpose)
  12. Return Register
  13. PF Detail
  14. App. For Monthly Pension

Yearly PF Returns

  1. Form 23 (Annual Return)
  2. Form 19
  3. Employee Pension Scheme Form
  4. 3 A PF Selected, 3 A PF, 6 A PF
  5. PF Yearly Statement Department wise
  6. PF Yearly Letter
  7. PF Due Paid Statement
  8. Break Certificate
  9. Floppy Report

Departmental PF Returns

  1. Form 12, Form 5, Form 10
  2. PF Challan, PF Monthly Return Letter
  3. Group Insurance Letter
  4. PF Deduction Detail, PF ESI Detail, Form 9 Revised

Monthly ESI Reports

  1. Form 7
  2. ESI Challan, ESI Deduction Detail
  3. ESI Detail , ESI Return of Declaration Form

Yearly ESI Reports

  1. Form 1

Half-Yearly ESI Reports

  1. ESI Letter
  2. Form 5 ESI, Form 7 ESI, Form 7 ESI Department wise

Departmental ESI Reports

  1. Form 7
  2. ESI Challan,
  3. ESI Deduction Detail

Monthly MIS Reports

  1. Monthly Salary Detail
  2. Employee Basic Detail(Selected)
  3. Employee Basic Detail(Complete)
  4. Employee Department Detail(Selected)
  5. Employee Department Detail(Complete)
  6. Employee Attendance Detail(Summarize)

Departmental MIS Reports

  1. Employee Attendance Detail(Summarize)

Yearly Employee/Salary Reports

  1. Employee Break Period Detail
  2. Annual Salary Detail
  3. Annual Statement of Salary

Monthly Employee/Salary Reports

  1. Employee Detail
  2. Employee Detail With Allowance
  3. Consolidated-Employee Detail With Allowances
  4. Employee Deduction Details
  5. Wages Slip, Wages Register
  6. Bank Payment List
  7. Consolidated Wages Register
  8. Blank Data Sheet, Data Sheet
  9. Consolidated Sheet Department wise
  10. Exempt List, Left Join List

Departmental Employee/Salary Reports

  1. Consolidated-Employee Detail with Allowances
  2. Employee Detail
  3. Employee Detail with Allowances
  4. Employee Deduction Detail
  5. Wages Slip, Wages Register
  6. Bank Payment List , Blank Data Sheet

Monthly Leave Reports

  1. Consolidated Leave Detail
  2. Monthly Leave with wages

Yearly Leave Reports

  1. Leave with wages Selected
  2. Leave with wages All

Monthly Factory Reports

  1. Registration of workers

Yearly Factory Reports

  1. Form ER-1, Form IV
  2. Eligibility Register, Eligibility Register Department wise
  3. Factory Act Return, Gratuity Register

Half-Yearly Factory Reports

  1. Form no. 24

Departmental Factory Reports

  1. Registration of workers
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